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Software overview

Questionnaire Connect® provides the smart solution that allows providers to seamlessly deliver a questionnaire to patients to complete. Providers can track the progress of patients’ scores and save that information for later review, copy it into EHR, or print results in paper document. questionnaires can be  completed onsite or sent to patients via email or text message.

Questionnaire Connect was designed by a group of psychiatrists committed to improving psychiatric care. It streamlines the delivery and tracking of measurement tools.

Did you know? a providers may bill for administering measurement scales with CPT code 96127. Questionnaire connect helps provider store and interpret data necessary for appropriate billing documentation.

Blockchain Technology

Questionnair Connect® in partnership with On Chain, who built the original platform, have developed blockchain gateway layer to allow secure and seamless integration with other EMRs using standarized data HL7 specification .

How to use Questionnaire connect


Assign a set of questionnaires to your patient. Send as onsite request of by email.

Track patient data in summarized and detailed views.

Document results in your notes effortlessly.


The software can be used in 3 different ways:

Send a request to your patient to file a questionnaire.
Have your patient complete the questionnaire on site.


Use as an anonymous questionnaire for a one-time use at the clinic.